About Us

SAMS-92 was established by 84 friends of Dohar Upozila, Dhaka in 2005. It is managed by a written constitution. The executive committee takes decision for any project but it should be reported to the general meeting. Executive committee form by general election every year. The general objectives of the organization are: Support poor people regarding health, Sanitation, education, food and aware people increase human development index.

The specific objectives of SAMS-92 --- Establish a Modern Charity Hospital Establish a Modern School, College for poor students Education materials distribution Digester support Relief distribution Winter cloth distribution Free health services Awareness campaign against violence, drug, and smoking Awareness campaign regarding dengue

Every member of the society pays 500/- Tk. per month for the social welfare of the society. Moreover, the members donate extra money when we organized any big program. We also support our members, if anybody required money to build up his/her business.